Personality Tests in Startups

As part of my EO Forum we decided to take personality and values tests to learn how we can better relate to the other members of our group. We had the great pleasure of being facilitated and tested by Billy Mullins of Vikus Corporation. The process and outcome really opened my eyes to the benefits of these tests for several reasons:

  • Existing team members can better understand how other team members relate
  • Teams can identifiy characteristics missing from their group and work to recruit to fill in the gaps
  • Tests like the Hartman Values are complementary to personality tests like Myers Briggs and can address areas like work ethic and ability to incorporate new information

Based on this experience, my company is now looking into tests to administer to existing employees as well as late-stage job candidates. In addition to Myers Briggs and Hartman Values, we’re also looking into Calipers and DISC.

For startups, especially ones with multiple co-founders, I’d recommend taking some of these tests and looking at the outcome as part of the team building process. Team building is critical in all stages of a business, and I’m confident personality and values tests will help everyone.

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