Quick Thoughts on iPhone Development

Last quarter we started work on two separate iPhone applications. We’d been debating for a while when to jump into it, and the launch of the $99 iPhone, along with the proliferation of iPhones among our employees, made it an easy decision. I’ve picked up on several little items related to iPhone development so far:

  • The learning curve is a bit steeper when compared to picking up a language/framework like Ruby on Rails
  • Threading is a concept lots of web developer don’t have experience with
  • If the iPhone app uses web services to interface with your own API, the iPhone app will likely push the limits of your API (we had to significantly expand our API functionality)
  • People are passionate about the iPhone and developing apps for it is great for morale

I hope this helps if you or your company is considering building an iPhone app.

2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on iPhone Development

  1. Point four is something we can capitalize on for the push forward. I am currently working with a firm attempting to develop an app for the iphone, and wondering if it is worth it. You’ve convinced me to change my cheerleading approach with them.

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