B2B SaaS Companies in the 2009 Inc. 500

Every year I look forward to reading the Inc. 500 issue to better understand trends in different industries, look for companies I know, and to find winners in the Atlanta area. My issue of Inc. came in the mail yesterday and I dove right into it. One particular interest of mine was looking for SaaS companies to get a feel for their revenue growth and industry. Here are a few SaaS companies I knew about previously and found in the August 2009 Inc. 500 issue for the fastest growing companies in 2008:

  • iContact – $15.1 million in revenue, 1,049% revenue growth
  • Squarespace – $2.2 million in revenue, 723% revenue growth
  • AtTask – $15.5 million in revenue, 1,097% revenue growth
  • Infusionsoft – $12.6 million in revenue, 661% revenue growth

It’ll be great to watch these companies continue to progress and carve out their space in the market. It’s an exciting time for SaaS businesses.

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