Product Roadmap Discussion

We had our monthly product roadmap discussion yesterday as part of our process to constantly update our 12 month product strategy. The discussion format was as follows:

  • Department sponsors discussed their new proposed items in order of priority from high to low while other stakeholders asked questions and clarified the intent of the idea
  • Engineering provided the difficulty level of the issue based on how long the specific request will take (low, medium, high)
  • Product management walked through the current roadmap for the next 60 days and will subsequently incorporate and prioritize some of the new items

Product management is part art and part science. As such, we’re constantly working to improve our product management methodology. I am pleased with our opinionated approach on what makes it into our application based on feedback from internal and external stakeholders.

2 thoughts on “Product Roadmap Discussion

  1. David,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your Prod. Development methodology.

    Once you’ve settled on your roadmap as a team, I’m interested to know what your methodology is from that point forward. What has worked or not worked for you to achieve successful and frequent releases/updates to your offerings?


    1. We’ve worked hard to maintain consistent, customer-centric releases and have done well for the most part. We take the approach of dropping features from a release in order to get them out on a regular schedule.

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