Atlanta Startup Advantages: Service Providers

As you might imagine in a city with a regional population of five million plus, Atlanta has a strong base of top-notch service providers. Yes, most will not defer fees until funding, like many do in Silicon Valley, but there are a handful that will (here’s one). Of course, the fees in Atlanta are also much lower than in other major cities, and that’s inline with our cost of living advantage.

Here are some of the major service providers for technology companies in Atlanta:



Human Resources

Service providers are an advantage for Atlanta startup companies.

Note: Please let me know of other services, legal, accounting, or otherwise that you recommend.

2 thoughts on “Atlanta Startup Advantages: Service Providers

  1. David – i like the local blog angle of late.

    I would add Nelson Mullins and Bennett Thrasher as legal/accounting options.

    Additonally, the digital service community in Atlanta is rich with great talent and agencies of all shapes and sizes. These are helping emerging and established companies tap into the new world of interactive marketing. The AIMA website used to have a list of local agencies/service providers but is MIA.

    I have to throw out BrightWave in the email marketing/digital targeted messaging space.


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