Employee Interview Questions and Ideas

EO Accelerator People Day yesterday had a good segment talking about the interview process and questions. While there are many different approaches and strategies, there were several common themes. Here are some of the more popular interview tactics:

  • Say to the candidate “tell me about yourself”
  • Have the candidate do 80% of the talking while the interviewer does 20%
  • Ask to have all questions held to the end so that interviewer doesn’t let on to the types of responses or charisma desired
  • Look to understand the decision making thought process for all job changes as well as college choices
  • Ask to check the reference for every previous manager and include the question “what will the manager say you did well” and “what will the manager say you didn’t do well.” This threat of reference check is extremely effective.

The adage of slow to hire and quick to fire still rings true. Hopefully these questions can help in the hiring process.

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