Search Engine Optimization Recommendations

At the time of this writing, Pardot ranks on the first page of natural search results for our industry term marketing automation. I’ve been asked for recommendations and best practices on how to rank well with search engines (search engine optimization or SEO). Here’s my advice:

  • Write for humans and not computers (computers, known as bots, crawl websites indexing the content for the search engines and people sometimes try to cheat)
  • Make the most important search term the first words in the title of the homepage
  • Keep the title and largest heading (h1) present and consistent on the all pages other than the homepage
  • Publish two new blog posts per week on the site, in addition to constantly adding other content
  • Include a sitemap that links to all the relevant pages
  • Ensure the pages are well-formed and standards compliant so as to demonstrate to search engines that you care about the quality of your HTML
  • Publish a separate, industry-specific blog that is company agnostic on a domain that incorporates the most important search term (see ours at and link back to your site
  • Participate professionally in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc with links to your site and others in the industry, on a daily basis
  • Use a content management system that is search engine friendly (good HTML and human-friendly URLs with keywords)
  • Ask partners and resellers to link back to your site with the appropriate keywords

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to publish new, high quality content on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Good luck!

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