Simplifying the Rockefeller Habits One Page Strategic Plan

We employ many of the strategies from the book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits including the One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP). For this year, and going forward, we decided to simplify and develop our own one page plan, as a hybrid between the Rockefeller Habits approach and the Patrick Lencioni organizational clarity approach. Here are some of the challenges we had with the Rockefeller Habits one:

  • Too much stuff on one page front and back
  • Terminology wasn’t clear (what’s the difference between a key thrust, rock, objective, initiative, and actions)
  • Jargon for our own goal categories (most people didn’t remember that A/R – DSO stood for accounts receivables – days sales outstanding, which translates to how many days, on average, does it take for us to get paid)

We’re still working on what this simplified document will contain, and when we’ll roll it out, but my guess is that we’ll be ready within the next two weeks.

13 thoughts on “Simplifying the Rockefeller Habits One Page Strategic Plan

  1. I’d like to see it, too. We’re using the Rockefeller Habits OPSP and have some of the same issues with it. It’s great overall though.

  2. Hi David,

    would it be possible to get a copy of your work, we are hoping to internally run with the habits early next year, i would really appreciate your efforts.

    Thank you in advance

    Ms. Hussain

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