3 Year Life Plan

One of the topics discussed at a recent EO University was centered around building a three year life plan incorporating the three main categories of professional, personal, and family. Generally, the idea is to identify where you want to be and what habits need to be employed to achieve it. Let’s look at some examples:


  • Two annual speaking engagements — habit of writing one article per quarter for an industry publication
  • Selling a new deal each month — habit of meeting 100 new people every month


  • Run a marathon — habit of running three miles every other day with a more specific plan before the race
  • Break 90 in golf — habit of hitting range balls two times per week


  • Healthy spouse relationship — habit of one dedicated date night per week
  • Engaged with children — habit of dinner with kids five nights per week

I’d encourage you to think about your goals and get into habits immediately that will help you achieve them.

3 thoughts on “3 Year Life Plan

  1. David,

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and your posts on entrepreneurship. As for your vision, I couldn’t help but admire your goal of running a marathon. Its a great feat. I highly recommend Chicago as a great first time marathon. Its a quick course and great atmosphere; 40,000 plus runners. Also if you are a reader, Born to Run is amazing.

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