Doing vs Talking

One of the most striking features of an entrepreneur is that he/she is the doer type instead of the talker type. You know what I mean — the person who is always getting things done and loves diving in and taking on projects. I think there’s a tendency, and this is partly driven by society, to build consensus and ask lots of questions before working on a project. For entrepreneurs, the strategy is more likely to be get something done, and then ask for forgiveness.

Want some great examples? Take a look at Mark Suster’s post as part of his series on what makes an entrepreneur.

2 thoughts on “Doing vs Talking

  1. mark’s series is great (but takes a little time to get through!)

    when i read that, i automatically thought of Veoh, a music video startup that went through $70mil….and just filed bankruptcy! i just can’t fathom stories like that. i know what i need to do with a couple thousand so how can others struggle with a staggering number behind them?

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