The Fast Follower Approach

One of the concepts I don’t hear entrepreneurs talk about enough is the fast follower approach. The general idea behind the fast follower approach is to build a product in a semi-established, fast growing market. All too often entrepreneurs feel their idea must be completely unique for it to be a good one. Some characteristics of the fast follower approach include:

  • Companies doing well in the market but no clear leaders
  • Market large enough to support multiple winners
  • Incumbents that are tied to a legacy platform and can no longer keep up with the modern web app expectations
  • Method to improve an aspect of the market resulting in an x-factor (7-10x improvement)

I’m a fan of the fast follower approach and believe entrepreneurs should look for markets and opportunities that meet the characteristics listed above.

2 thoughts on “The Fast Follower Approach

  1. That’s what I’m doing now. It’s actually a good feeling that there is someone in the space already. If NOBODY is doing your idea at all then it’s probably not a good one. 🙂

    Even companies in my space that are only 3 years old were created during a different era. Kinda crazy, actually.

    1. Thanks Andrew for the comment. I agree that competition is a good thing and three years makes a huge difference in technology.

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