Atlanta’s Online Marketing Software Cluster

One of the themes we’ve heard over the past few years in the Atlanta technology community is that we should focus on our existing clusters like Internet security and logistics as we have a wealth of existing expertise and investors ready to go. Well, I’d like to start creating more dialogue around our online marketing software cluster. Didn’t know we already had a cluster? Take a look at these existing Atlanta companies that do over $100 million in combined annual revenue:

The next time someone mentions clusters in Atlanta, I’d bring up the largest cluster that no one talks about: online marketing software. In fact, I’d bet it is one of our faster growing clusters as well.

21 thoughts on “Atlanta’s Online Marketing Software Cluster

  1. How would you define the difference between the 3 email mktg companies at the top? Are they virtually the same competing for the same business or do they have unique specialties and differentiate from each other?

    1. Thanks Craig. Silverpop and Mansell Group are mid-to-high end while MailChimp is more self service for the small business/personal user.

      1. Thanks Jacqui. I didn’t mention their marketing automation product b/c that team is based in Fargo, ND.

  2. Great post! Social networking is only a component of what we do at Mobilization Labs. We’re really focused on helping cause driven organizations mobilize supporters into action, measure their impact, and better manage their results. We’d love to be more involved in growing the local cluster of Atlanta startup companies. Let us know how we can help!

    1. Great catch – company used to be called, specializing in helping campaigns connect to supporters. Buddy of mine runs sales there. They are doing well and building a broader client base. I would definitely add them to the list.

  3. There are a number of other companies doing cool marketing software here in town – they just don’t hang out at ATDC. Among them:

    You might also note that Accenture has a major Marketing Sciences & CRM presence in town.

  4. Thanks for mentioning ThePort Network, David. The intersection between private social networks and marketing automation has grown increasingly tighter in the last six months. I’m looking forward to seeing more integrations between these applications this year.

  5. David, as usual, you are thinking big picture. I have always appreciated your vision….I find it interesting that these companies never meet as a group.

    1. Thanks Allen. I agree it is strange we don’t get together. I bet Atlanta companies are responsible for a significant percentage of all the opt-in emails sent monthly in the U.S.

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