User’s Conference Planning

We’re deep into the process of planing our annual user’s conference. I really underestimated the power and importance of user’s conferences before we put on our first one a few years ago. There’s something incredibly powerful about spending a day or two with customers, learning how different clients use your product, and talking about the future vision. It really is a great morale builder and helps nurture and deepen relationships.

Here are a few general items we think about as part of our user’s conference planning:

  • Charge a reasonable fee that barely covers costs but still allows for a great event
  • The venue is extremely important and should be recently renovated and professional (don’t skimp on the venue!)
  • Have as many clients speak as possible — customers love to learn from other customers
  • Provide a back channel for clients to communicate including a Twitter hashtag
  • Line up the conference dates at least six months in advance and solicit speakers for the agenda
  • Get partners/resellers involved in addition to customers and employees
  • Include a happy hour or field trip to help foster relationships
  • Buy the best internet access you can afford and get backup options like 4G wireless
  • Make it fun!

What else? Have you been to a user’s conference that was especially memorable?

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