Entrepreneurs and Relationship Networking

At this morning’s Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter awards event, the keynote speaker, Harvey Mackay, focused his message on the power of relationship networking and a Rolodex. Here’s some of his advice:

  • File away every person you meet and follow-up with them on a regular basis
  • Capture as much person information as possible (e.g. personal preferences, trips, likes, etc) and use that as a foundation for future conversations
  • Always seek ways to help your network and never expect to receive something in return
  • Dig your well before you need it (build your network and relationships before you need to tap into it)

I don’t consider myself a good networker but I feel I’m decent at it. I do appreciate the value it provides and I recommend employing these concepts to other entrepreneurs.

What do you think? Is networking important to you? What advice do you have on networking?

3 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs and Relationship Networking

  1. Hi David.

    I also espouse making personal introductions whereever possible. I like to set up the meeting for all parties, then attend as well to personally introduce two of my contacts whom I think need to know one another.

    It takes time, but is also very rewarding to see synergies happen.

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