Work that Gives You Energy

Have you ever tackled an issue, spent hours on the task, only to realize that you have even more energy than when you started? Some work takes energy, some is neutral, and some actually invigorates you. One of the tasks I’ve been trying to do lately is to pay attention to what things I get really excited about, what things are a pain, and what things are indifferent to me. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Grab a journal or use a note taking app on a smartphone and record everything you do that gives you energy and everything you do that saps your energy
  • Do this diligently for a week and see if you find any patterns or trends
  • Ask yourself what you can do to re-organize your life to do more of the energy giving projects and fewer energy taking projects
  • Also ask yourself how you can compartmentalize your energy taking projects or do them at certain times when you’re already low energy (e.g. right after lunch or late in the work day)

What do you think? Have you tried an exercise like this? What did you learn?

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