The Co-Founder Complement

It seems there’s been a surge in activity lately of people reaching out to me for help finding a co-founder for their idea. Of course, I tell them the best thing to do in Atlanta is to start going to ATDC events. Absent the tactical tips to actually find someone, I believe it is important to think through the complementary attributes desired in the ideal co-founder.

Here are some topics where you might be one side and could benefit from a co-founder with the other side (these aren’t opposites):

  • Sales / engineer
  • Big picture / tactical
  • Aggressive / laid back
  • No fear / measured concern
  • Ideas / details
  • Passion / passion (everyone needs this!)

Finding one or more co-founders that complement your attributes, talents, and skills is one of the most important steps in a startup. I recommend thinking through it carefully.

What else? What other complementary attributes do you find important?

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