More Domain Name Searching Tips

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and we got into the typical domain name searching discussion. My friend’s friend was starting a new company and having a hard time coming up with a name. In addition to my previous domain name searching tips, I had a few new ones to add:

  • Find a few technology companies that list their customers and take words from the customers’ names and plug them into
  • Add colors or numbers to go with a word (remember to not have more than two words for a total length of 10 letters or less). As an example, the domain would be cool, but the asking price on is $450,000. Only 20x overpriced, but I digress.
  • Use to search the domain name marketplace and include the following in your search: only .com extension, exclude hyphens, numerals, and IDN, and finally sort by bids (important!).

What else? What are some other tips for finding a good domain name?

2 thoughts on “More Domain Name Searching Tips

  1. I’ve had fun using to find names that are available. It has a lot of configurable options, including adding colors and numbers automatically…

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