The 60/40 Time Allocation Rule

Lately I’ve seen the 60/40 time allocation rule appear in a few different books and blog posts. The general idea is as follows:

Spend 60% of your time doing proactive works towards your goals and 40% of your time doing reactive work that you have do (e.g. paperwork, responding to emails, etc).

This coming week I’m going to try and be more cognizant of where I spend my time. Last Fall I outlined how I get things done at a simple level but I haven’t done a good job of thinking about time allocation towards goals vs things I have to do.

With news sites and communities like Facebook, Twitter, etc it has become so easy to spend time in the non-strategic 40% category. I don’t know where I stand with my strategic/non-strategic time allocation but I’m interested in finding out.

What do you think? Do you subscribe to the 60/40 time allocation? What’s your time split?

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