Shotput Venture’s Co PlacePunch Launches

Shotput Ventures is excited to announce that our most recent portfolio company PlacePunch has launched. TechCrunch covered PlacePunch today saying:

PlacePunch, which received seed funding from Shotput Ventures, allows businesses both big and small to run their own location-based marketing campaigns that integrate with Foursquare, Facebook Places, Twitter, Gowalla and other location-based social networks.

The general idea is that companies can offer loyalty programs on top of existing check-in programs. As an example, a coffee shop can use PlacePunch so that for every five times a customer checks in at the store, the customer gets $2 off their next purchase. The name PlacePunch, as you might imagine, comes from physical places combined with the traditional punch cards restaurants use for loyalty programs.

If you know any restaurant or store owners, please send them over to the PlacePunch site.

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