Why Publish a Daily Blog Post

Image by daniel.julia via Flickr

Continuing the introspection series from yesterday on why I like B2B startups, today I wanted to talk about why I do a daily blog post. Here are a few reasons why I write each day:

  • Writing something short every day is actually easier than writing one lengthly piece each week
  • Each day the process provides 10-20 minutes of reflection on what I did, experienced, and read in the past 24 hours
  • The writing helps clarify my thinking on the day’s topic
  • I’ve made an exceptional number of mistakes over the years and I’d like other entrepreneurs to not have to repeat them
  • Documenting my thoughts helps employees and business partners understand my approach and thinking
  • If I get hit by a bus I want my kids to know my thoughts on business and life

I’d highly recommend writing a daily blog post for the above reasons and more. The biggest challenge is getting through the first 30 days. After a month it becomes an easy routine, like brushing your teeth before bed. Once you get used to it you won’t want to stop.

3 thoughts on “Why Publish a Daily Blog Post

  1. David, I would disagree that it is important to publish a blog post every day because not everyone can find a topic that could be of interest to readers. However, I agree that writing down some organized thoughts daily into a “journal” is a great exercise for the mind & a great way to preserve memories.

    1. Agreed that is hard to find topic. I disagree that the topic has to be interesting for readers. The most important reader is yourself.

      1. Well, you can’t write a blog with topics that are not interesting to the readers. If you are writing just for yourself (or for future use), a journal makes the most sense. You never know when thoughts expressed publicly will be later taken out of context.

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