Sales Rep Territories and Multiple Lead Queues

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Building a sales team is one of the more difficult things to do as an entrepreneur. You see, sales people are a great type of person that can sell themselves better than anybody, but it isn’t easy to determine if they’ll be effective for your product and prospects. Another challenging aspect of building a sales team, in addition to finding the right people, is determining who gets what leads. The traditional approach, especially with field reps, has been territories or geographic regions. The biggest challenge with territories for fast growing companies is that as you hire more sales reps territories inevitably shrink leading to disillusionment among sales reps, especially if their sales volume goes down after being a high performer.

We have an inside sales team and don’t do territories. Here’s what we do:

  • Two different lead queues for round robin assignment of leads
  • The first queue is for regular leads that come from standard sources like white paper downloads, campaigns, etc
  • The second queue is specifically for test drive sign-ups as those are our best and highest qualified leads

Both queues are round robin and by having two different queues we solve the problem of the highest quality leads getting passed out in an equitable manner. This avoids the situation where all leads go to the same queue and certain reps having bad luck with the leads that come their way.

My recommendation is to think through these challenges early in the process of building a sales team as it can help the moral and effectiveness during fast growth periods.

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