What to Look for in a Web Marketer

As you might have guessed I’m a huge fan of web marketing. There’s so much opportunity online between search engine optimization, pay per click ads, lead nurturing, webinars, social media, etc. The challenge, naturally, is that the competition and complexity is fierce. Finding a good web marketer is hard. Here’s what I look for in a web marketing employee or consultant:

  • Ability to clearly articulate their current employer/client’s web marketing results (results, not activities!), what’s working, what isn’t working, and how it has changed over the past six months
  • Preferred strategy for generating and nurturing leads online including PPC, email marketing, white papers, sponsorships, etc
  • Personal blog or other online writing experience (e.g. should have at least a dozen posts)
  • Personal Facebook and Twitter account, and for the Twitter account it should have at least 50 tweets (it’s important for a web marketer to be adventurous and experiment with different tools)
  • Experience with common tools like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, email marketing systems, marketing automation products, etc
  • Good feel for analytics driven marketing including return on investment, trends over time, funnel analysis, and hard numbers

Web marketing is easy. Results are hard. My recommendation is to focus on web marketers that can demonstrate results. Absent availability of that, hire for fit plus aptitude and train on the job.

What else? What other aspects do you look for in a web marketer?

4 thoughts on “What to Look for in a Web Marketer

    1. Great question. A few ideas:
      – LinkedIn + Twitter (present the job opening to your followers/connections)
      – Find a couple companies that you think do web marketing really well and reach out to their marketing manager (use LinkedIn to find the person)
      – Craigslist and university career centers

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