Packaging the Same Product into Multiple Products

Image by infomatique via Flickr

One strategy startups should consider is packaging the same product into multiple products. There are three common ways this is accomplished:

  • Segment the same product into different editions where features or usage rates are changed (e.g. group, professional, enterprise, and ultimate editions)
  • Apply an industry specific name to the product (e.g. technology, healthcare, financial services, etc)
  • Make the platform (same code base) divided into separate, but related products, available independently or combined a la carte (e.g. marketing suite, sales suite, and support suite)

Most often, one size does not fit all and buyers like to buy when a company speaks their own language. My recommendation is to consider ways to package the same product into multiple products.

One thought on “Packaging the Same Product into Multiple Products

  1. We’re working through this at AuditMyBooks now. A variation on the three cases you outlined is to pre-configure the product for a specific market… probably closest to your industry dimension. In our case rules can be turned on/off and parameters adjusted to make the app more suitable for a retailer vs. a dentist. This “packaged knowledge” or “best practice config.” can be treated like different products.

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