Antiques Roadshow and Startups

Antiques Roadshow
Image via Wikipedia

Have you seen Antiques Roadshow on PBS? They do a great job of telling stories and history about random antiques people bring into a regional show. Oh, and they excitedly ask: do you know how much this is worth? Nine out 10 times the guest is flabbergasted by the high value. The value is the auction price before fees, but interesting nonetheless. Geico even did a funny commercial parodying the show talking about the value of a bird in the hand (antique) being worth two in the bush.

What’s a lesson for startups from Antiques Roadshow?

A few lessons:

  • One man’s junk is another man’s treasure
  • Most junk is exactly that: junk
  • Sponsors of the show are striking at the optimal time: when people are thinking about the value of their antiques and collectibles
  • Stories and history add significant value to products

What else? What other startup lesson are there in Antiques Roadshow?

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