Technology Companies that Continually Lower Prices

Amazon Web Services logo
Image via Wikipedia

How often do you get emails from your cable or phone company saying they just lowered your monthly price? I’ve never seen it. In fact, I can’t think of any technology services, or regular services, that have lowered their price once, let alone continually.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) lowers prices on a regular basis (see today’s notice here and another notice from a few months ago here). What that says to me as a customer of theirs is that they are committed to improving their infrastructure and economies of scale with the goal of passing some of that costs savings onto their users. That makes me a more loyal customer. We use AWS for a variety of functions from cloud instances with EC2 to cloud storage with S3. AWS is an impressive offering that keeps getting better, more comprehensive, and more cost effective.

What can you do for your customers to make them more loyal? What’s your tradeoff between pricing and volume of customers?

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