Details of a Cool Startup Office – Cloud Sherpas

Earlier today I had the opportunity to visit with some of the team members at the fast-growing Atlanta startup Cloud Sherpas (Google Apps consultants). Cloud Sherpas did a custom build-out that took two months over at Piedmont Center in Buckhead. Here are some details of their new space:

  • Orange paint throughout to emphasize their corporate branding
  • Conference rooms named after famous mountains (playing off the “sherpa” part of their name)
  • Concrete floors and exposed duct-work in the reception area to create a loft feel even though they are on the seventh floor of a mid-rise
  • Huge breakroom with two full-size refrigerators, giant LCD TV, several sofas, and large whiteboards on the wall
  • Great work areas with numerous workstations using half-height dividers to give some privacy while being primarily open
  • And, most importantly, genuinely happy people walking the halls

The new Cloud Sherpas office is great and really sets the tone for a cool technology startup office.

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