Why Startups are Important for Non-Startup Type Employees

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We all know that startups created the majority of net-new jobs over the past 20 years. We also know that startups, especially tech ones, are innovative as opposed to replicative resulting in a greater likelihood of failure. There’s another aspect of startups that I believe is important for society as a whole that isn’t appreciated as much:

Startups with a strong corporate culture introduce non-startup type people to a more profoundly positive professional path.

What I mean by this is that many people who haven’t worked at a startup with a strong corporate culture haven’t experienced what it’s like to get a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in the professional realm of their life. The majority of our employees had never worked for a startup before and constantly talk about how much more rewarding, fun, and exciting it is on a regular basis compared to their previous jobs. It isn’t that their previous jobs, or companies, were bad, because they weren’t, but rather they had never worked in an environment where everyone was so passionate and enthusiastic about what they did. Startups are like that.

Successful startups set the bar high when it comes to employee engagement. Successful startups get non-startup people addicted to the thrills of startup life and prompt them to join other startups, or start their own. Successful startups help improve the world beyond new products and new jobs by introducing people to a new level of professional fulfillment.

What else? What other ways are startups important for non-startup type employees?

3 thoughts on “Why Startups are Important for Non-Startup Type Employees

  1. I think that non-startup types is a misnomer. They just did not know they where start-up to types. There are many I have worked with that could not handle the expectations of a start-up.
    The pressure of having a v company depend on your contributions is sadly new to too many.

    I do agree that great employees that discover a start-up will be forever be better for the experience. I only wish more people could have the experiences early in their career. We would all be better as a result.

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