Developer Tools in the Cloud

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One advent of software development that everyone talks about is how much easier and faster it is to build a scalable web app compared to 10 years ago. Of course, there are many good reasons for this including open source code, frameworks, cloud hosting, APIs available to mash up data, and more. Another reason is great developer tools and systems in the cloud.Here are a few developer tools in the cloud we use:

  • Lighthouse app and JIRA – issue trackers and ticket systems
  • GitHub and Beanstalk app – source code control platforms
  • Hudson – continuous integration server for automated testing (not delivered as SaaS but hosted on a cloud instance)
  • – web performance management and end user experience monitoring

These developer tools and more make our software development process much more efficient and collaborative. What else? What other developer tools in the cloud do you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Developer Tools in the Cloud

  1. All apps need to be load tested at some point, the amount of new startup webapps that simply don’t scale or can’t handle volume when they reach critical mass is quite poor. Saving money in the long term from having to re-architect your solution later is worth it.

    Would be good to have a load testing solution in the list, such as Loadzen, which offers low-cost, high-utility load testing solutions for startups.

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