Common User Experience Mistakes

The web app user experience is one of the most critical parts of a successful startup. It doesn’t matter how much funding, lead gen spend, or passion you have if users don’t have a great experience. Here are some common user experience mistakes:

  • Too much work to get value from the system (give users value as quickly as possible)
  • Inconsistent navigation controls making it difficult to traverse through the product
  • Programmer-centric naming of product modules and functions as opposed to using the user’s terminology
  • Inadequate attention to detail (get your most meticulous employee or friend to analyze the app)

Pay attention to user experience and users will pay attention to your app.

What else? What are some other common user experience mistakes?

One thought on “Common User Experience Mistakes

  1. I think a highly underused UX tool is the :visited CSS pseudo-class. Visitors should have a clear indication of where they’ve been on your site.

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