Should Entrepreneurs Study Entrepreneurship in College

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Entrepreneurship is a contact support. Entrepreneurs studying entrepreneurship in college so that they can then start their own company after college are missing the point — the best time to start a company and be an entrepreneur is right now. Starting a company doesn’t mean quitting everything and throwing caution to the wind, rather, you can start a business on the side and learn as much as possible. Do I advocate running a startup part-time? No. Do I know anyone that’s been successful doing it? No. Is it still a great way to learn? Yes.

Here’s what entrepreneurs should do in college:

  • Start a business on the side offering a service that you’re good at or selling a product that you’re passionate about
  • Build deep relationships with classmates as your network is forever valuable
  • Spend time with other like-minded entrepreneurs to develop a peer group
  • Take practical and/or challenging subjects like accounting, finance, software development, and engineering classes

There is no pre-requisite for entrepreneurship, especially not college. Entrepreneurs should focus on building their social networks and technical skills while running a business on the side in college.

What else? What other thoughts do you have on entrepreneurs studying entrepreneurship in college?

7 thoughts on “Should Entrepreneurs Study Entrepreneurship in College

  1. I’ve always thought the perfect education coming out of college would be a double-major. One field of study would be in in a practical science like computer engineering that gives you the tools to build a product. The other area of study would be in business so that you have a general understanding of economics, finance, accounting, and legal.

    I also recommend starting some type of business before graduating – even if it’s a summer lawn care business.

  2. Well done, David. I’ve been reading for a few months and this is one of your best and most unfortunate posts. While the content and advice is excellent, I say unfortunate because of the timing. If only I had some of these bullets six or seven years ago, I wouldn’t have had to learn these skills later in the business world (still learning)…

    I’ve learned quite a bit about them since graduation and my biggest asset-to-date is the strong connection I have with a network of friends I made through an on-campus organization. Not only do I have great friends, but that network has opened up doors I didn’t even expect to find.

    Good piece, now write it six years ago.

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