TiE VISTA Conference Day Two – Dharmesh Shah

Image representing Dharmesh Shah as depicted i...
Image by Dharmesh Shah via CrunchBase

The TiE VISTA Conference wrapped up today with day two being as excellent as day one. Tim Draper of DFJ kicked off the morning but the real highlight for me was Dharmesh Shah’s keynote at the end of the day. Dharmesh covered many different topics in his keynote and it’s scary how much I agree with him and how I’ve written short blog posts about many of his points.

Here are a few bullets from Dharmesh’s slides:

  • Starting is more important than the idea
  • Write a blog, not a business plan
  • Stealth mode is for fighter jets, not startups
  • A sub-optimal price today beats a perfect price tomorrow
  • Sales velocity, acquisition cost, lifetime value – improving one often degrades another (the only thing that improves all three is the customer experience)
  • Transparency trump secrecy
  • The path of truth and justice is often paved with profit

If you don’t follow Dharmesh on Twitter, do so now @dharmesh.

Again, congratulations to TiE for putting on a great event.
What else? What did you enjoy about the TiE event?

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