Business Idea: iPhone App to Make Driving a Game

black Audi R8.

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Earlier today I was driving to my ALTA tennis match and enjoying the beautiful day. On Roswell Road heading towards Chastain Park, I was merging into the turn lane and found myself splitting two reflectors in the road due to vering a bit too early. The precision with which I spaced the reflectors on either side of my front left tire put a smile on my face and an idea popped into my head: there needs to be an iPhone app to make driving a game.

I’m sure someone else has already thought about it and that an app already exists (I haven’t checked yet) but here are some thoughts as to how it would work:

  • Use the GPS and accelerometer to measure the car’s location and motion
  • Develop tracks or routes like “Lenox Mall to Piedmont Park” or “GA 400 Exit 1 to Harvest on Main in Blue Ridge, GA) and have leader boards based on route time, average speed, lateral Gs pulled, and more
  • Award badges and bonus points for items like the fastest speed through turn two, night owl for doing the route after midnight, etc
  • Be able to put in your type of car for a handicap (e.g. a Ford Explorer would get an adjustment compared to an Audi R8)
  • Allow for custom routes like recording your daily commute for more badge types and categories (longest commute, most variable commute, most turns in a commute, etc)

Yes, there are some public safety concerns with people driving too fast in attempt to set a personal best or top the leader board but I don’t think it’s anything crazier than people already on the road.

Driving is fun. An iPhone app with a community makes it even more fun.

What do you think of the idea? Will it work?

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