ARMD Goals for Startups

Image by Tes Mar'a via Flickr

Continuing the EO Strategy Summit theme from yesterday, there was another new methodology used that I hadn’t seen before: ARMD goals. Back in 2008 I talked about SMART goals, and now that I know about ARMD goals I like them better because they are simpler and don’t have the redundancy sometimes found in SMART goals.

Here are ARMD goals:

  • Actionable – What specific things need to be accomplished?
  • Realistic – How attainable is the goal?
  • Measurable – Is there a number (metric is ideal) or “completed/not completed” that can be attached to it?
  • Date – When is it going to be done?

My recommendation is to answer the four points of ARMD when making goals.
What else? What do you think of ARMD goals?

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