3 Year Personal Development Plan

At the end of each year I reflect on the past 12 months and set my New Year’s Resolutions. As part of this process I also spend time updating my 3 Year Personal Development Plan. My 3 Year Personal Development Plan is a simple Google Doc with four categories of information: personal, family, professional, and community. For each category I have 3-7 bullet points with ARMD goals that are tactical.

Here are some example categories and items for a 3 Year Personal Development Plan:

  • Personal
    Workout 2x per week
    Meditate 2x per week
    20 tennis matches per year
    10 rounds of golf per year
    2 cool sporting events per year
    Financial savings (size defined for each year)
  • Family
    Spouse date night every week
    Dinner as a family 5x per week
    Quarterly week-long vacation
  • Professional
    Company size (size defined for each year)
    Read one book per month
    1 workshop/learning event per quarter
    2 conferences per year
    6 trips per year
  • Community
    Donate $X per year
    2 non-profit boards
    Volunteer X hours per month

This format provides structure and personal accountability that is fairly broad. I recommend developing a 3 Year Personal Development plan and reviewing it several times per year.

Have a great 2012!

What else? What other items would you add to your 3 Year Personal Development Plan?

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