On the Startup Path

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As I was rushing to the airport tonight to fly from Chicago to Atlanta (I’m prone to be late) I had time to reflect on the train. You see, sitting on the train to Midway Airport there was nothing I could do to speed things up to catch my 6:45 flight. I had my goal in mind: make my flight so as to get home at a reasonable hour for a weekend with my family.

Being the startup geek that I am, I equated the experience with entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs have a goal of building a successful company. Once the goal is crystallized, much like my more simple quest to get home to my family, you start working backwards and planning the steps to achieve it. During many parts of the entrepreneurial journey there are situations where you put yourself in a position that you are at the mercy of others around you, no matter how much you’d like to speed things up, similar to how I was sitting on a train hoping to get to the airport faster.

The most important takeaway is there are many things you can control and many things you can’t control. Setting your sights on a target, controlling what you can control (that was a favorite line of Andre Agassi’s coach), and putting yourself in a position to succeed makes all the difference.

What else? What are some other parts of the startup path?

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