Start Startup Lead Gen Efforts on Day One

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Generating quality leads is the main barrier to growth for most B2B startups. As such, startups should start lead generation efforts on day one knowing it takes a significant amount of time to build a customer acquisition machine.

Here are a few things to keep in mind with lead gen efforts on day one:

  • Talk with all team members about customer acquisition efforts and reiterate that quality leads are almost always the bottleneck to growth for startups — everyone should get involved
  • Plan on a combination of inbound and outbound marketing
  • For inbound marketing, publish at least two blog posts per week, one tweet per day, one white paper per month, participate in online community conversations, and plug in an inbound marketing tool
  • For outbound marketing, start building a newsletter email list, potential prospect calling list, available sponsorship opportunities (like a community of potential prospects), and plug in a marketing automation tool

Building a customer acquisition machine is the difference between success and failure for many startups. Start focusing on lead on day one and incorporate in into all aspects of the startup.

What else? What other ways do you incorporate lead gen efforts on day one?

2 thoughts on “Start Startup Lead Gen Efforts on Day One

  1. Our approach is to blend the customer-development and lead-gen processes. When we speak with businesses to validate market-problems and our solution, we’ll keep detailed notes. For businesses that state they would use a potential solution, we’ll stay in touch with them through the product development process. When the product is ready to sell, we’ll typically have a handful of businesses that are eager to try the product.

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