Atlanta Startup: Digital Assent

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to spend time with Andy Ibbotson, CEO and co-founder of Digital Assent, which helps automate the patient check in process. Digital Assent was started in 2009 to provide a tablet-based software plus hardware solution for doctors’ offices. Specifically, they focus on simplifying the traditionally paper intensive and laborious process of signing in at fee-for-service specialty clinics like plastic surgeons and dermatologists (elective, out-of-pocket procedures). After starting the year with three employees they now have more than 30 and will end the year around 50 — crazy fast growth!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the company:

  • Founded: 2009 in Atlanta
  • Employees: 30
  • Solution: PatientPad for doctors’ offices to have patients sign in digital and help start the transition to electronic health records
  • Funding: $10 million+ ($2 million Series A in February and $7.5 million Series B in June, and a line of credit from SVB)
  • Cool Fact: They picked the product name PatientPad and trademarked it before the iPad came out — good name selection!

Digital Assent is off to a fast start and the only Atlanta company I’ve heard of that’s closed a Series A and Series B investment in the first six months of 2011. I look forward to watching their success.

What else? Have you heard of Digital Assent and what do you think of them?

One thought on “Atlanta Startup: Digital Assent

  1. I would include that a core element of their business is the ad revenue they generate through PatientPad. The last I heard was that they do not actually request payment from the doctors offices for these services. By putting a digital medium in the hands of targeted consumers, they are able to offer product advertisers a targeted and contextually relevant ad play that can be measured and scored for effectiveness. The fact that they have focus and dwell time with an identifiable audience is a significant advantage for them.

    I would even go so far as to call Digital Assent an advertising network. Or a “digital out-of-home advertising network”. In fact, I labeled them in that category on a personal blog post after we shared awards with them at the TAG Spirit of Endeavor. Check it out here:

    The aspect that I like best about this business is that their consumers (the patients using the pad) can be converted on the spot. ie. They can buy a botox treatment, a medical product or other services, directly. PatientPad knows who they are and can provide them with the most relevant offer. The patient is already at the point of purchase and can make the transaction immediately (kind of like a daily deal purchase).

    This is great business opportunity and it’s awesome to see companies like this in Atlanta! Keep up the great work Andy!

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