Notes from Dreamforce 2012

Note: If you’re going to Dreamforce 2012, please stop by the Pardot booth.

This morning I had the opportunity to listen to the keynote presentation at’s Dreamforce 2011 right near the front as part of the Executive Summit. Dreamforce has turned into a massive software and cloud computing event taking over the entire Moscone Center and surrounding hotels in downtown San Francisco. Each year gets larger and larger with this year being a considerable increase over last year.

Some notes for the Dreamforce conference:

  • 45,000 sign ups — largest software/cloud conference in the world
  • Social contacts native in the app with links to social networks, social profile pictures, etc (Pardot has had this for a long time but it’s good to see it as part of the native CRM functionality)
  • Jigsaw is now with added data from D&B
  • HTML5 at for a better mobile/table experience with all core production functionality
  • More social media and collaboration tools to connect with employees, partners, and customers

The cloud expo show floor has been especially packed, showing signs of strong growth and spending in the cloud computing category of technology.

Dreamforce has been a big success so far and I’m very impressed.

What else? What are your thoughts on the show and announcements?

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