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For the second half of the SEO session from SEOMoz at Dreamforce 2011 I had the opportunity to hear @joannalord provide retargeting tips. Retargeting, if you aren’t familiar with it, is when ads are shown on third-party sites to people who’ve already visited your site or pages you control. For example, have you ever visited major sites like CNN or ESPN and seen advertisements for products you looked at recently? Those were retargeting ads. Retargeting is a powerful way to earn more conversions from traffic you’ve already worked hard to generate.

Here are some notes from the session:

  • Develop strategies for different audiences
    Grow the relationship with sequence retargeting
  • Grow and strengthen your brand
    Get creative with creatives
    Introducers (brand), influencers (testimonials), converters (call to actions)
    Use retargeting as a qualified testing vehicle
  • Expect more from the data
    Impressions – 15-20 per month
    CTR – .15% to .30%
    CPC and CPM – use both
    Conversions – 1:10
  • Try Search Retargeting – offers the service
    Share audiences by putting pixel on related sites
    Category sites that are also related
    Drop cookie in emails to house list
  • Think bigger
    Jobs page
    Awards you’ve won
    Tell about affiliate program
    Tell them to follow you on Twitter

Thanks to @joannalord for the great presentation on retargeting. If you don’t use retargeting already take a look at AdRoll and FetchBack.

What else? What tips do you have for retargeting?

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