Twitter Bootstrap for Web App UIs

In the past week two different entrepreneurs mentioned the Twitter Bootstrap for web application user interfaces. I had heard of it before but hadn’t looked into it yet. Wow, it’s impressive! The idea is that instead of reinventing the wheel, or even using simple libraries that have some UI components, why not provide a complete library for layouts, controls, colors, etc. Twitter Bootstrap is exactly that.

Here are some benefits of the Twitter Bootstrap for web app UIs:

  • It provides a common platform with which others have already extended
  • Like open source software, the more people that use it and give back, the better it becomes
  • The user interface and user experience can easily take of 10-20% of the time for initial new product development, and can now be significantly cut down with Twitter Bootstrap
  • A consistent, modern UI makes the application more professional and trustworthy

Startups building a web app from scratch should seriously consider using the Twitter Bootstrap.

What else? What are your thoughts on Twitter Bootstrap for web app UIs?

3 thoughts on “Twitter Bootstrap for Web App UIs

  1. Bootstrap is a great starting point for web app UIs. However, without significant customization it has a very distinct flavor. Over time that could become associated with half-baked web apps, much like a default phpBB, Mediawiki, or WordPress installation.

    It’s an awesome starting point, but I’d customize it so that my app has a unique visual identity.

    Themeforest admin themes are also a great option. Because they’re less common, they’re less likely to evoke a visceral “app-in-a-box” reaction from potential customers (especially if you’re targeting developers).

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