The Power of a Consistent Rhythm

After finishing the Rockefeller biography Titan, I reflected on key takeaways from the book. One of the more profound items was his emphasis on a consistent rhythm. When running Standard Oil, he had a set, predictable schedule that included lunch with his executive team every single day. After retiring in his 50s he set a personal goal to live to 100. While he died just shy of his 98th birthday, that’s impressive especially for a guy born in the mid 1800s. He credited his longevity to a consistent rhythm that included nine holes of golf daily, the same healthy foods, and more.

The idea is that there’s a personal balance of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (PEMS) needs such that the happiest people are the ones that achieve their necessary levels of each on a regular basis. Once you know what those things are, assembling them and sticking to a consistent rhythm makes all the difference.

With 2012 upon us, it’s a great time to think about our own personal rhythm and the rhythm of our company. What’s working? What’s not working? What should be added? My recommendation is to work on your rhythm in addition to general goals.

What else? What other thoughts do you have on the power of a consistent rhythm?

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