Predictable Revenue Book Review

Recently I read Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of This is a good book for startups with a B2B sales process and average lifetime values of at least $10,000. The general premise is that companies should have a dedicated person/team that is responsible for prospecting and generating qualified leads with quota-bearing sales reps exclusively focused on engaged leads (no prospecting).

Here are a few notes from the book:

  • Targeted unsolicited emails are more effective than cold calls
  • Use SalesLoft to manage the entire process
  • Separate roles should be used for prospecting for leads (sales development reps), following up with inbound leads (market response reps), closing deals (account executives), and maintaining accounts (account managers)
  • Delineated roles result in better results and specialization of skills as well as more measurable results
  • A full-time sales development rep should create 10-20 qualified leads per month
  • A full-time market response rep can handle 400 inbound leads per month

There’s too much talk of “Cold Calling 2.0” in the book which is literally cold information-request emails (legal spam) to targeted people within companies that fit the ideal customer profile. It does make sense that busy executives are more likely to respond to a short, relevant email that is highly targeted.

Overall, the book is recommended for startups with a B2B sales process that want a more modern perspective on consistent quality lead generation, and thus more predictable revenue.

What else? What are your thoughts on Predictable Revenue?

3 thoughts on “Predictable Revenue Book Review

  1. Timely review. I got the excerpt of the book from Amazon last week on my Kindle to check it out. Looks like it’ll be a worthwhile buy.

    Do you know how good and Zoominfo are as sources of leads for the education market?

  2. Hey David:
    Thanks for the post. I’m always looking for relevant benchmarks within a B2B sales team. How many leads should be produced? How many inbound leads can a single rep handle? Good stuff.

    As I was going to purchase on Amazon, I noticed that it’s available free for customers with Amazon Prime to “borrow” and read on a Kindle.

    Derek Siver’s book “Anything You Want” is available with the same deal. Haven’t read it yet, but I’ll bet it’s pretty good for entrepreneurs.


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