Crock Pot Instead of Microwave Mentality for Startups

Recently I heard an analogy that I thought was particularly apt: too many entrepreneurs expect results like a microwave warms food. Yes, a microwave can heat up food quickly, and pop popcorn fast, but it’s main function is to heat something that’s already been prepared and cooked.

Entrepreneurs that expect results in five minutes by rehashing something someone else has already done are rarely successful, and often disappointed. Instead, entrepreneurs need to think more like the crock pot mentality where a number of fresh ingredients come together and cook for many hours before results are available. Startup success in five years is much more likely than success in five months.

The next time you hear an entrepreneur complain about the lack of success ask yourself if they have the crock pot or microwave mentality for their startup. The crock pot approach is going to win more frequently.

What else? What are your thoughts on the crock pot vs microwave mentality for startups?

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