Blog Post Number 1,000

A little over five years ago in January of 2007 I set up this blog and published a simple hello world post. My goal originally was to do one post per week but after a few weeks it turned into 1-2 posts per month, if that. Fast forward to August of 2009 and I was inspired by Fred Wilson and him writing a post every single day, 365 days a year on — I decided to write a post every single day as well. Well, after more than two years of writing a daily post I hit today’s nice little milestone on the journey: blog post number 1,000.

This blog has improved my life in several ways:

  • Numerous ideas that I’ve encountered over the years are now captured in written form
  • Several employees and partners have come from people reading or referred to me by people reading this blog
  • Many of these posts plus new content were turned into a book called Startup Upstart that is now available on (launching at Startup Riot)
  • Friends and colleagues in the community reference blog posts during conversations, giving me a sense of satisfaction that others are reading it
  • Readers submit comments and feedback, helping document additional insights and improving my understanding

My favorite post of all time remains one of the most popular as well: 50 Things Every Startup Should Know.

I’m thankful for the first 1,000 blog posts and I’m looking forward to the next 1,000.

5 thoughts on “Blog Post Number 1,000

  1. 1,000 blog posts is a huge accomplishment. 1,000 high-quality, thoughtful, meaningful blog posts is truly awesome — in the fullest sense of the word. Congratulations and thanks.

  2. Congrats on the milestone, David! I’ve truly enjoyed the blog. Still not sure how you find the time to post once a day. Look forward to your continued insights.

  3. Thanks for sharing your inspiration David. I have been influenced by your blog posts and everyday morning as soon as I wake up, one thing that I look forward to is reading your post on Blackberry.

    I now aim to start a post-a-day on my Blog. Thank you very much.

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