Incorporate Personal Age in Goals

A few weeks ago I was talking to an entrepreneur about personal goals and he said he swims his age in laps in the pool three times per week. The idea is that as he continues to age he’ll push himself further and add another lap each year. After the conversation it got me thinking that incorporating personal age makes sense for goals so that each year you stretch yourself a bit further.

Here are some example goals that incorporate personal age:

  • Ride age number of miles per week on a bike
  • Donate age times 50 in dollars to alma mater each year
  • Spend age times 100 in dollars on vacations each year

Age, as a changing variable, works great in personal goals.

What else? What are your thoughts on incorporating personal age in goals?

5 thoughts on “Incorporate Personal Age in Goals

  1. I’ve received your blog posts by mail for at least a good 4 months or so and this will be the first time I’m responding. That post sounds like a great idea. This is something I would be interested in fleshing out and using in my business endeavors. I may try something like investing my age times 10 every month into my business savings, creating my age in repeat customers in a month, or donating my age in time to charity work.

  2. David, one I like the best is a derivative of a concept introduce to me by Cameron Herald, but I applied to my age.

    Dollars earned per hotel night per year … The older I get, the more annual income should grow in relation to how many nights per year I’m in a hotel away from the family. The older I get (and the kids get) the more I will make sure this number goes up.


  3. I’ve been using this for two years now and found out that you apply the same
    Method to your business as well.

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