Gathering User Feedback For An Established Product

User feedback is critical for building a successful software product. As the product matures and becomes established, user feedback is easier to get, but can also become overwhelming with requests from so many different constituents. Here are some ideas for gathering user feedback for an established product:

  • Quarterly check-in calls by a client advocate or account manager to find out how things are going
  • Idea exchange with single sign-on so that customers can post ideas and vote on other ideas
  • In-app net promoter score where you ask once per quarter how likely they are to recommend the product
  • Regional user groups with a company team member facilitating
  • Annual users conference with significant customer interaction
  • Customer advisory board that does a quarterly conference call with the VP of Product Management

Gathering user feedback with these methods is the easy part. The real challenge is organizing the information and combining it with your own vision and opinion for the product. Then, clearly communicating the direction and future functionality with the key stakeholders.

What else? What are some other ways to gather user feedback for an established product?

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