Traffic Growth for a New Blog With Frequent Content

Recently two entrepreneurs in town started new blogs to document their thoughts, share their theories, and help other people. As part of that process one of the common questions is how many people will read it? I don’t have many sources of data but I’m happy to provide some monthly visitor stats from this blog as a baseline for others to get a feel for how things might work.

Monthly stats at six month intervals since the start of this blog:

  • Jan 2009 – 739
  • Jul 2009 – 1,115
  • Jan 2010 – 2,565
  • Jul 2010 – 3,591
  • Jan 2011 – 6,197
  • Jul 2011 – 8,628
  • Jan 2012 – 13,430

So, from a standing start with a clean slate, this blog went from less than a thousand visitors in the first month to over 13,000 visitors exactly three years later with 1,072 blog posts published in the interim. I don’t know how this compares but assuming it’s average then it takes an impressive amount of time and effort to get a modest of regular traffic (most traffic comes from Google with social media being the second major source).

What else? What other traffic growth pattens have you seen from blogs and sites with frequent content?

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