5 Tips for Killer Angel Investor Pitches

Last night I had the opportunity to hear three startups give their pitch to a room full of angel investors. Each one did a good job, but for different reasons. The angel investors and VCs in the room were attentive and asked solid questions. Towards the end of the night, the real test happened when the entrepreneurs were asked to leave for the evening so that the investors could discuss the different startups. Naturally, I paid attention to see what investors came up to talk to the entrepreneurs as they were leaving, so as to gauge interest level, which was decent.

Here are five tips for killer angel investor pitches:

  1. Tell a compelling story — story telling is the strongest form of human communication and should never be underestimated
  2. Presentation slides and handout slides are two different things — presentation slides should be visual and nearly word-free while handout slides should be full of words
  3. The one and only goal is to get an individual meeting — the goal of the pitch isn’t to get them to write a check on the spot, but rather to get an investor excited enough that they want a meeting
  4. Provide a memorable off-line analogy — repeat a simple message multiple times that takes the digital concepts and relates them to a real-world item that everyone is familiar with
  5. Deliver objective, quantifiable metrics throughout the pitch — investors want to believe the dream, and facts provide a core foundation

Raising money from investors is hard. Following these tips makes for a much better pitch and greater chance of raising money.

What else? What other tips do you have for killer angel investor pitches?

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