Two Killer Questions for Entrepreneur Insight

Earlier today I had the opportunity to speak with eight startups at GigTank in Chattanooga. We started with a talk plus Q&A session followed by 15 minute individual sessions with each team. During the group-wide Q&A one of the questions was around things to do as an entrepreneur to continue learning. I talked about standard items like Twitter, Google Reader for RSS feeds, books, EO, YPO, and conversations with other entrepreneurs.

When it comes to entrepreneurs, there are two killer questions I like to ask:

  • What two or three new things have had the most impact on your startup in the past 90 days?
  • What are the top two or three things you are personally focused on in the next 90 days?

With these two simple questions you’ll get a wealth of insight, ideas for your startup, and opportunities to provide advice or recommendations. Of course, reciprocating with your own answers to these questions makes for a great conversation.

What else? What other killer entrepreneur questions do you like to ask for insight?

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