LED Scoreboards for Startups

Continuing with the metrics and KPIs posts over the past two days, I next want to talk about scoreboards. Scoreboards, just like they sound, are large displays with the latest metrics for team members to know exactly where the team/department/business stands. Now, you can get a massive 55 inch LED TV with 1080p HD for under $900 from Amazon.com, mount it on the wall for under $100, and get an old MacMini for a couple hundred dollars to power it. Whenever people come into our office, one of the most common comments is on our LED Scoreboard and how they’re impressed we share the information and make it so accessible for everyone.

Here are a few web apps to power the LED scoreboard:

LED scoreboards are a great way to empower and align team members with the latest metrics in a centralized manner. Startups should consider LED scoreboards for their office.

What else? What are some other thoughts on LED scoreboards for startups?

One thought on “LED Scoreboards for Startups

  1. David:

    Your readers might also like to try Kipfolio.com They allow any Google Doc/Spreadsheet to power a KPI dashboard that works on big and mobile screens. Not all the integrations of the others but you can hack most metrics into it.

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